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Australian Kite Surfari - Going Green

Australian Kite Surfari has a dream to be fully self-sustainable. We believe in the three principles of sustainability the environment, social and economic.

We work hard to embrace these three pillars in all aspects of our business and life. By choosing Australian Kite Surfari for your kite surfing holiday and destination, you’re choosing to go off grid and are helping us to continue delivering the dream.


Our sport uses the wind for power. We pay rent to the true owners of this land. Our business, Australian Kite Surfari provides the income to pay our rent.


Embracing nature, conserving resources, saving money. For water we have a sand spear run off solar pumping 25L per minute of fresh water. We have a solar desalination plan that can make 15L of distilled water a day using salt water. We have satellite TV and Austar that runs from our solar panels and wind genny that also run 3 fridges. Best of all, we get to enjoy kitesurfing every day.


Our eco-style cabins are just metres from the water’s edge, on a remote beach at Cape Flattery. Access to the camp is at low tide only, when the tide comes up we roam in splendid isolation. There’s no crowds, just strong trade winds, warm water and like-minded people surrounded by nature.

To help achieve our objective of supplying 50% of our own organic food grown on camp, we have created and planted several vegetable patches at Tank Town. We have tomato, capsicum, eggplant, lettuce, Bok choi, kale, basil, chilli and more.

With abundant reefs just offshore we also have a ‘you catch it, we cook it’ philosophy, which has seen some of our guests feasting on fresh Coral Trout, lobsters and more.

Although our business is growing, our camp [size] won’t and this will help enable us to reach our self-sufficient dream.

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